Registration Form 

    Grace XP Youth Camp

    (6th Grade – 12th Grade)

    Camp Dates:  Monday, July 15 - Thursday, July 18, 2024    
    Cost:  $250.00 Per Person* (Includes: Meals, lodging, & insurance)
    Payment: Pay full amount at registration; Registration fee must be paid by July 12th
    Location: Neosho, Missouri         Website:





    Camp Standards

     These minimum guidelines are given for every camper to follow. This code of conduct has been established for your protection and the benefit of every person present. These guidelines must be followed at all times!

    You have pledged yourself to abide by these guidelines during the time you are here.

    1.  The daily schedule must be observed by everyone and attendance at all camp activities is required. Groups are NOT allowed to take "day trips". Whatever the camp does, all groups do together.

    2. Campers are not to leave the campgrounds without specific permission from the Camp Directors. Leaders who leave, please inform the Directors.

    3. Each camper will perform his or her duties as part of the privilege of being here.

    4. Rooms and adjacent grounds must be kept clean. Time in the morning schedule is given for this.

    5. You are urged and expected to observe habits of personal hygiene, group cleanliness, courtesy and Christian conduct.

    6. Boys and girls are NOT allowed in each other's cabins or dorms.

    7. Clothing should be neat, modest, and appropriate. Grace Camp XP leaders retain the final authority to determine whether a camper's clothing is appropriate.

      1. Swimwear:

        1. Girls - if wearing a 2 piece suit we ask that a t-shirt or swim cover be worn when outside of the pool area. 

        2. Guys - keep a shirt on when outside of the pool area.

    8. NO fireworks, smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, drugs or profanity is allowed on the campgrounds.

    9. All staff members are authorized to maintain order anywhere on the grounds.

    10. All cell phones, I-pods, mp3 players, etc. are to be used in such a manner that does not distract from worship or class times. NO TAKING PICTURES IN THE DORMS!

     The lack of cooperation, unnecessary roughness, lack of respect of property or leaders, MAY result in expulsion from the camp. Parents are asked to help in explaining these guidelines to their children and in encouraging their compliance while at camp. Should the camper be expelled, parents assume the transportation and cost to return child to home.

    No refunds will be given!

    I have read, understand and agree with the above guidelines.