Welcome to GraceXP Youth Camp! We are very glad that you came to work with us as a Youth Counselor. We thank God for each of you, for sacrificing this portion of your summer for the Kingdom. The responsibility is huge and we want to enable you to have the greatest experience by helping your campers have the best possible week of their lives!

    It is our goal to help each camper attending:


    • Accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, if they’ve not already done so.

    • Experience the life-changing love of the Father & the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

    • Understand that all their sins – past, present, and future – are forgiven through Jesus and His finished work on the cross.

    • Discover their true identity in Christ.

    • Learn what it means to live in grace and be led by the Holy Spirit.

    • Have great fun, grow closer to others in their youth group, and meet new friends.

    • Have their best summer ever!

    To help you be the best counselor possible. We have a few guidelines that we ask you to observe:


    1. Report to the Registrar upon arrival at camp. Then, help your campers choose beds and settle into their respective dorms.

    2. Strive to become acquainted with each camper as quickly as possible. Be alert to their spiritual needs. Also, find out if any of your campers have special needs such as medical attention or medicines that need to be administered by our nursing staff. (All medications will be turned in to the Camp Nurse.)

    3. Go over the camp schedule with your campers and make sure they are familiar with all activities. Let them know that everyone does everything at the same time (follows the schedule).

    4. You will need to conduct devotions each evening with your group before lights out. Our desire is that the subject matter will reaffirm any ministry that occurred during the day.

    5. Supervise dorm clean up. Counselors should NOT do all the work. Campers may not remain in the dorms for clean-up during wake up service, breakfast or class times.

    6. Attend morning counselor meetings during the bible class.

    7. Help at meal times in cafeteria IF NEEDED with the table clean up, trash removal and helping the Directors by having your campers listen during announcements.

    8. You will need to take turns cleaning the bathrooms. Please work with your Dorm Director to set up a bathroom cleaning schedule so that each group does their part.

    9. Counselors, you are here for the campers. You have only five days to invest yourself wholeheartedly into the lives of each camper. Remember, that you will have to sacrifice personal agenda and comfort for the good of the campers. Give it your best! Live it to the full!

      1. You need to intermingle with them at meals, fun times, and especially around the altars. You must show each of them you care and that takes some work. Make sure not to play favorites; try to keep an even playing field with your campers.

      2. Your campers should know your general whereabouts at all times. It is important that you maintain consistency in your duties and daily activities.

      3. Actively participate and lead the way in worship, prayer & fun times. Your campers will follow your lead.

      4. Do not leave youth in dorms unattended! If there are campers in the dorms then the counselor must be with them. This includes all times during the day and evening. Do not be alone with a youth in the dorm. PLEASE be mindful of this!

      5. Do not allow a “locker room” mentality to prevail. Be sensitive to your campers. Just because something may be alright with you, it may not be alright with others.

      6. Accept the responsibility, especially when it comes to “being the bad guy”. Make sure to voice graceful correction with your campers when needed.

    10. Upon departure make sure your dorm area has been cleaned and left as found.



    Thanks so much for your willingness & cooperation,


    Bill Hackworth
    Cecil Hall


    Please remember that all counselors must be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate. Each Counselor must pay a fee of $100.00 each week.


    I have read and agree to adhere to the general guidelines of being a Counselor.

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